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The college has been named after the great patriot V.O.Chidambaram. He was affectionately called 'Swadeshi pillai' or 'Vande Mataram pillai' by ordinary folk. He was the chief organizer of the Swadeshi movement. He was a practicing lawyer at Thoothukudi and was successful in his profession. He could command great influence and respect as lawyers generally did in those days. He began to take interest in many public activities and was one of the earliest to start 'Dharma Sangh' for hand-loom industry and 'Swadeshi Stores' for the sale of India-made things to the people. Though great men like Kasthuri Renga Iyengar, Doraisami Iyer and Chakkarai Chettiar were also taking a prominent part in the Nationalist upsurge, it was given to V. O. Chidambaram to achieve the impossible and get immortalized as the 'Pioneer of Indian Shipping'. His unique and powerful expression of Swadeshi activity was the starting of the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company which was registered on the 12th of November 1906. It required some supreme courage to go to jail in those days. A number of patriots went to jail in our fight for freedom. V. O. Chidambaram was the pioneer who showed the way.

About our Computer Science Department

V. O. Chidambaram's career illustrates the tragic truth that "creative leadership is not given to an individual, however gifted he may be, for an indefinite length of time, but only for a short period, so long as he acts in unison with the beat in the heart of the nation". V. O. Chidambaram showed the way for for organized effort and sacrifice. He finished his major political work by 1908, but died in late in 1936,- the passion for freedom still raging in his mind till the last moment. As per his wish , he was taken to the Congress Office at Thoothukudi, where he died on the 18th November, 1936.

Learning Resources of the Department

  • Laboratories - 4
    • - Lab 1 - 50 computers
    • - Lab 2 - 29 computer
    • - Lab 3 - 41 computers
    • - lab 4 - 29 computers
  • Servers - 3
  • printers and scanners - 2+1
  • All computers are interconnected using five switches

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